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My Commitment to you


I believe that public education is the cornerstone of a community. Strong public schools unlock resources at scale to help students, regardless of background, succeed.

If I am elected to represent District 2 my approach will focus on three key pillars:

  • Commitment to the GROWTH of every student.

  • Preparing students for the economy of the future.

  • Being a transparent voice for the community, students, teachers, administrators, and staff.

My Plan

Commitment to the growth of all students

Our diverse community is what makes Lawrence so unique, but providing an equitable education, focused on GROWTH for all students is an ever-evolving challenge. 


Helping our students grow academically, physically, and mentally will be my number one goal. We must look at student success through a growth lens and work to move our students forward regardless of background. 

Here's where we can make a difference:

  • Champion a focus on mental health, physical health, and academic achievement.

  • Identify growth measures through an equitable lens, examining low-achievement, low-growth groups and setting attainable goals to support these students' success. 

Prepare students for the economy of the future

Helping our students succeed doesn't always mean getting them to college. The economy of the future may not require a four year degree. In fact, I work for one of the largest technology companies in the world and we've recently removed the requirement of a degree from many of our job postings. 


As a member of the board, I will work to ensure we are developing passions in our students that will translate to good paying jobs in the future.

Identifying these paths, creating partnerships with businesses, and supporting these students will be one of my long-term goals.

A Voice for the Community and Schools

At my core I am a communicator and connector and I believe it is my responsibility to use these skills to better connect families, schools, teachers and staff to the work of the board. After discussing with many members of the community, I can make an immediate impact by:

  • Twice yearly shadowing in classrooms across the district to understand the ground truth experienced every day by our teachers and students.

  • I will work throughout the year with the Lawrence Education Association to further liaison with the schools and teachers. 

  • A quarterly email newsletter where I breakdown the work of the board and explain my perspective on the decisions we make.

  • Twice a year online forum (at the beginning and end of each school year) where I will answer questions from the community.

  • Regular communication on social media.

Get Involved

Want to help? We need people to knock on doors, spread the word, and donate to help Marta make a difference in our community. 

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