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The Choice of Lawrence Township Teachers


Marta has been endorsed by both the

Lawrence Education Association and the Indiana Teachers Association. 

To earn the endorsement of the teachers of Lawrence Township, Marta had to answer to an extensive  questionnaire and interview with a panel of teachers. They interviewed ALL candidates that accepted the invitation and unanimously selected Marta because:

  • She is deeply committed to this community and has severed on the Lawrence Township Foundation Board for 6 years. 

  • Her business background will help our district solve some of the most critical issues, such as the teacher shortage and the learning gap from the pandemic.

  • She has 3 kids in the district and is committed to their and our teachers' future success.

Read Marta's response to the teachers' questions:

polls-1 (1).png

Thank You!

do you know what school boards do?

This is who I am...a mom trying to do the right thing for her community

School boards can't change curriculum. Majority rules, so individual board members don't have much power on their own.

My Stance on transgender students, book banning and CRT

Marta is the only school board candidate to communicate her views on these topics.

Why School Boards are nonpartisan

Why I Am Runnig

Why I'm Running

Hi, I'm Marta Lawrence! I decided to run for District 2 because I saw an opportunity to build on the work I've done over the last 6 years as a member of the Lawrence Township School Foundation board and make an even greater impact on the students, families, teachers, and staff of Lawrence Township. 

I'm a mom of three Lawrence Township kids: Bennett (7th grade at Fall Creek Valley), Sage (5th grade at Amy Beverland); Mavis (kindergarten at Amy Beverland in Fall 2023). My husband, Greg, and I have lived in District 2 for over 16 years.

I work for one of the largest technology companies in the world, leading strategy for our sales organization. I have extensive experience in marketing and communication and I am a former journalist.

My intentions on the board are simple:

  • Commitment to the GROWTH of every student.

  • Preparing students for the economy of the future.

  • Being a transparent voice for the community, students, teachers, administrators, and staff.

Get Involved

Want to help? We need people to knock on doors, spread the word, and donate to help Marta make a difference in our community. 

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